TV Drama Vision

Wednesday, January 28 and Thursday, January 29, 2015.

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TV is the new film

Göteborg Film Festival is delighted to welcome you to the 38th festival's edition of TV Drama Vision. 

The most gripping and groundbreaking stories, the most talented writers and actors and the most engaged audiences: has TV drama already won the battle over film?

Spreading out over two days, the upcoming edition of TV Drama Vision brings you the latest international trends, the key people from the industry and inspiring talks and discussions. This year we put the spotlight on Norway, the country that brought us a grumpy Little Steven in the Netflix hit show Lilyhammer as well as a nazi holding a pineapple in The Heavy Water War. We will also feature exclusive clips and works in progress from tens of upcoming Nordic series. In addition, news regarding the TV drama landscape in the Nordic countries will be revealed, tens of upcoming Nordic TV drama series will be presented and exciting international and Nordic key players will discuss the future of TV drama in our region and beyond. A lot more is to come and more guests will be revealed in January. 

Keynote speakers

We are proud to present our first keynote speakers: Tony Grisoni, renowned screen writer, co-writer of director Terry Gilliam (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Brothers Grimm) and creator of award-winning TV series like Red Riding and Southcliffe for Channel Four, Andy Harries, Academy Award-nominated for producing The Queen and winner of Special Achievement award by BAFTA for his contributions to British television, Nuno Bernardo, award-winning and Emmy-nominated producer and Anne Kolbjørnsen, head of Scripted at Rubicon, one of the largest production companies in Norway.

Works in progress

Further series will be presented as works in progress in January, but we are now pleased to present two of the most awaited drama series from Norway, Occupied (TV2), a drama based on an original idea by renown crime author Jo Nesbø and Acquitted (TV2), produced by Miso Film, the company behind the Danish series 1864. Further works in progress include 100 Code, a crime series created by Bobby Moresco (Crash) and 1992 , a political thriller produced by Sky Italia. Read more about the series below:


Produced by Miso Film (the company behind the Danish epic series 1864, presented at last year's seminar) follows the story of Aksel Borgen, a successful Norwegian business man who left his native town for Asia after beig acqutted of the murder of his high school sweetheart. When his hometown's cornerstone business is threatened by bankruptcy, Aksel returns to save the place that once turned its back on him, but the past has not been forgotten.



Occupied is a drama based on an original idea by reknown crime author Jo Nesbø (the Harry Hole-books) and produced by Yellow Bird, the company behind the Millennium trilogy as well as the BBC version of Wallander starring Kenneth Branagh. Occupied sets in the near future where Russia, on behalf of EU, has staged a "silk-glove" invasion of Norway, a country that has stopped its production of oil for climate reasons.

Further works in progress include:

100 Code case studyWhen a series of similar murders occur in New York and Stockholm, NYPD Detective Tommy Conley, played by Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings), is sent to Stockholm to work with veteran homicide detective Mikael Eklund, played by Michael Nyqvist (the Millennium trilogyMission Impossible: Ghost Protocol). In a case study of 100 CodeTim Gerhartz from German-based sales and production company Red Arrow and Jon Petersson from the broadcaster Kanal 5 (Sweden), take us behind the scenes of the 12-episode crime series created by Bobby Moresco (Crash).



Following the tremendous success of "Gomorrah", Sky Italia is back with a political thriller sure to make a rumble on its release in spring. In a work in progress, producer Justus Riesenkampff from Betafilm, will present the series 1992, set in the midst of the political turmoil in Italy at the beginning of the 90s, which led to the collapse of the First Republic and the launch of the “Mani Pulite” (Clean Hands) operation.


TV Drama Vision is an international annual seminar showcasing TV drama in the Nordic countries with a global outlook, including discussions of current trends, presentations of works in progress and a comprehensive overview of upcoming Nordic TV-series as well as master classes from key industry professionals. With the participants on stage and in the audience consisting of broadcasters, producers, financiers, writers, sales companies and other parts from the TV drama industry, the seminar is the foremost place to attend to meet the key Nordic and international TV drama professionals.

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